Meet Erinn

Hey – my name is Erinn, and yes, that is correct I have 2 n’s in my name. I have always had a love of photography which I got from my dad who always took beautiful landscape pictures. For my high school graduation gift, my parents gave me a Canon film camera and from there you could say it all started. I always tell people that I could sit in the backyard and take photos of a blade of grass for hours. I seriously just lose all concept of time when a camera is in my hands.

So, where to begin on letting you know about me? I am a genuine, loyal, inquisitive person who pretty much likes to get to know everyone and considers all my clients true friends. During the day I work in a middle school so I can pretty much handle any stressful situation and am used to all different types of personalities. I am a Leo which means I am ruled by the sun and if you know my work, you will see that I use every opportunity possible to chase it.

My world revolves around my niece, my dog Maisey, my cat Ollie and my wonderful and supportive partner Tim. Family is a huge part of who I am. I recently became the 4th generation to own my home, so as you can see I am sentimental to the bone. Also, townie for life.

I wouldn’t be able to live life without potatoes (mashed, whipped, baked, french fries) or ice cream. I have never had a cup of coffee or tea and have never smoked a cigarette but I am completely addicted to fountain soda Diet Coke. I know….I need to give it up. I used to work in advertising/marketing and always say that if I could have any job it would be a bagger at Market Basket (it’s just like doing a puzzle! Which I realize this makes me sound like a grandma) or naming the colors of nail polish. Chances are when we meet, I will have some fun design on my nails because life is too short to just wear clear.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little bit. Whether I am shooting an event, a portrait session, pink clouds in the sky or my dogs running on the beach, I can assure you that each photo I take will evoke my passion and love of photography. I will capture memories. I would love to learn more about you and I would be honored to make your moments stand still in a photograph.